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Pick Up These Vital Accessories When You Buy a New Horse Trailer

When you're a new horse owner, one of your first priorities will be to purchase a trailer in which to transport your animal. Visiting a reputable trailer dealer will give you a chance to browse the many styles of horse trailers that suit your budget. When you make your decision on the trailer, it's a good idea to also buy some specific accessories that you'll need. While a horse-equipment store will sell accessories that pertain to transporting horses, the trailer dealer will have a number of items that are worth picking up right away. Here are some accessories to look for.

Wheel Chocks

Wheel chocks are a must-have item for your new horse trailer. You may find yourself in a position in which you park the trailer somewhere with the horse inside but then need your vehicle for another task. You want to be sure that the trailer doesn't roll, especially if the horse is moving around inside. Wheel chocks are designed to snugly fit behind the trailer tires on the downhill side, and they will prevent the trailer from rolling at all. They're available in several styles and often come with a rope that you can use to hang the chocks securely from a hook inside the trailer.

Floor Tarp

Many horse enthusiasts use floor tarps in their horse trailers, so it's worthwhile to buy this valuable accessory right away. These tarps are available in several sizes, so make sure that you buy the right size for your new trailer. This accessory is used to cover the floor of the trailer before you take the next steps of covering the floor with wood shavings and loading the horse. The presence of the tarp will make your life easier; when it comes time to clean the trailer, you simply need to pull out the tarp, turn it upside down, and spray it clean. This is easier than constantly sweeping and scrubbing the trailer floor.

Storage Racks

Transporting a horse around also means that you'll be carrying many horse-related items, so it's important to buy some storage racks. See if someone from the trailer vendor can install them for you. A variety of storage racks of all different sizes and styles will prove helpful for carrying ropes, feed, care products, and other such items for your four-legged friend. These racks can be mounted on the interior side and front walls of the trailer.

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