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Signs You Need To Replace Your Car Tires

Car tires are the part of your vehicle that experiences the greatest amount of wear and tear while driving. Over time, they can begin to break down, which can cause serious problems for your vehicle and can greatly increase the chances of an accident occurring by reducing the amount of control that you have over your vehicle. Thankfully, there are a few red flags you can watch out for to help determine when you need to replace your car's tires.

Low Air Pressure

Check your tires to see if they are adequately inflated. Most cars have sensors that can detect when your tires are losing air pressure, but you can also check the air pressure yourself with an air pump that reads air pressure, available at most gas stations and automotive stores. However, severely underinflated tires should be easily visually identifiable. If your tires are constantly losing air pressure, it is likely that they have developed a leak or have become damaged and need to be replaced.


Issues with your tires can cause excessive vibration while driving. Sometimes, the issue is simply uneven tire pressure. However, if your tires are adequately inflated, the issue is most likely with excessive wear causing a rough drive, and you should have your tires replaced as soon as possible, as excessive vibration can greatly reduce the amount of control that you have over your vehicle and increase the risk of an accident occurring.

Cracks, Damage and Wear

A visual inspection of your tires is the best way to determine when they have become physically damaged. Inspect the sidewalls of your tires for any signs of cracking or damage, as these can lead to chronic air leakages and compromise the overall structural stability of your tires. Furthermore, you should check your tire treads for wear to see if you need to fix or replace your tires. Check to see if the treads have been worn down flat – if horizontal bars running perpendicular to the tread itself are at the same level as the tread, your tires are extremely worn down and should be replaced immediately.  However, if you notice that the tread wear on your tires is uneven, the issue may lie with your air pressure or alignment. Check to ensure that your tires are all inflated to their recommended pressure – if they are, then you need to take your car into a mechanic to have the alignment of your tires looked at. For more info, contact a shop like Scotty's Automotive Center.

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